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11 January 2018

The Trick to Finally Getting Fit | Make it Work for You!!!

The Trick to Finally Getting Fit - Make it Work for You!!! Meal prep, meal plan, packed lunch, what i eat in a day
How many times have you given up on a fitness regime? Me? Definitely a few. Detoxes - done a couple of times, hated it, never again. Cardio only - did for several months, hated it, found it very hard to pluck up the enthusiasm for the workouts. Diets - got overly strict with them, hated it & reverted back to normal.

4 January 2018

Looking Forward | Creating New Goals & Coping With Stress in 2018

2018, new years resolutions, new goals, fitness, health, stress, anxiety
What a year 2017 was!!! Personally, I think it has been the year I have grown the most & progressed - new jobs, new passions & growing up ever more! However, it didn't come easy. You might have noticed a lack of me in the last couple of weeks & that's because the last fortnight of 2017 has been rather tough for me. I've had family in & out of hospital, needing more care & attention from the ones around them, my cat went missing & I've been pretty ill - which I think was down to stress. So something, my blog, had to give a little!

14 December 2017

5 Ways to Help Someone this Christmas | For as Little as £1!

Help Someone at Chritsmas, Charity, Joy, Hot Meal, Homeless, Recipe, Budget, Nutritious
Christmas is the time for love & joy, to be celebrated amongst family & friends. But for some, Christmas is just another day; another day of loneliness, another day of surviving. So this Christmas, I ask you to look past the commercialisation that Christmas has become & embrace the side of caring for one another. Whether it is a little gesture, close to home or a huge one, just help somebody in need this holiday! Share the love!

7 December 2017

Victoria's Secret Angles | The Women & Fitness Behind the Wings

Victoria's Secret Angels - Fitness Food Healthy Living - Workout plan, Train like an angel
There's a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to models & health, due to the out dated idea of starving yourself to be skinny! This has led to generations of self conscious women (and men) all blindly fighting for that perfect body. Sometimes at any cost. But I feel that recently, things have changed. And the rise of fitness has played a big part of that! Fitness influencers are now becoming the new role models, encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle & reap the rewards both inside & out. It's a great change!

23 November 2017

Overwhelmed? | 5 Things that Help to Calm My Anxiety

5 ways to calm anxiety, overwelmed, healthy lifestyle happy mind
More & more people are struggling with anxiety in this day & age. When you think, the pressure to always be your best starts as early as primary school, is there any wonder? And with emails, internet & social media so accessible on our phones - which don't get me wrong, is great - but we're now feeling the pressure to be working all hours of everyday. It's a fast paced world & it's only getting faster. So no wonder more people are suffering from anxiety, self doubt & extreme stress, which can later result in a serious health problem. It's a sad reality!

9 November 2017

The Women That Inspire Me | My 8 Favourite Instagrammers

The women who inspire me - fitnes motivation
I speak a lot about how I find my focus from other's dedication! But with so many fitness accounts out there, it can be hard to find one that you truly connect with & one that is really honest about their diet & workouts. So today, I have decided to share with you the 8 women (& 1 man) that inspire me to always push on & stay strong. And I hope you can find one to inspire you too!

26 October 2017

What I Eat in a Day | Starting my Lean Bulk

What I Eat in a Day - Lean Bulk, Girly Gains, Carbs, Protein, Balanced diet, Meal plan, Meal prep
A quick but insightful post this week - I wanted to share with you exactly what my current day of eating looks like, as I begin my lean bulk. But not just to give meal ideas, mainly to show just how much good food you can eat in a day & still be healthy & still love the food you're eating! I'm currently building up to a calorie surplus, so all this food you see here, is only about 50 cals over my daily allowance! I want you all to feel comfortable around food & embrace eating carbs, snacking 4 times a day & not giving a toss what people think, because you know how to be healthy for your body & your goals!