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9 March 2018

Women Who Lift | 6 Seriously Badass Celebs

Women who lift, celebs, weight training, strong, workout, Khloe Kardashian, Gunnar Peterson, gal gadot, wonder woman
So this blog isn't really one for celebrity news, but normally more organic posts - posts inspired by what I've learnt in my own journey & want to share. However, after reading more & more about the dedication & strong will of some of these starlets, I thought it would be only right to share. Especially since it was International Womens' Day yesterday! After all, they have some inspiring stats & stories when it comes to lifting! So here's a little run down...

22 February 2018

My First Ever Bulk | What I've Learned & What I've Gained

My First Ever Bulk, What I've Learned & What I've Gained, eating clean, meal prep, carbs, protein
The first thing I noticed when doing this bulk was how lovely it was to have a few extra calories for the winter months! I started my bulk in October & lasted for 4. But why did I chose to bulk? It was partially because I wanted to gain strength & muscle, but mostly because I enjoy a challenge. I wanted to explore the unknown & experience for myself what I have seen so many other people do. I also wanted to test the correlation between my food & my training & learn a lot more along the way. All of which I have now experienced.

13 February 2018

Lean for Lent 40 Day Challenge | Coming to the End of My Bulk

Lean for lent, end of bulking, Girl gains, fitspo, abs, bulking, cutting, motivation, muscle
What day is it today? Pancake day! But it is also a very exciting day for another reason - it's lent tomorrow, which marks the end of my very first bulk & the start of me slowly cutting. And I want you to join me with my Lean for Lent Challenge - 40 days to a healthier, fitter you.

1 February 2018

Been Sick? | Getting Back on Track After Time Away

Been sick- getting back on track after time away, building strength, gym, get fit, muscle,
Who's been ill over the winter months? Not just me then! Sometimes it comes from nowhere & knocks you for six. Well a week ago I suddenly came down with something - headache, fever, exhaustion, chesty cough & a cold all within a day. Who knows what it was - but it knocked me for six! Obviously I didn't feel like the gym, for a whole 7 days! The only food I could stomach was complete junk. And my enthusiasm for Meal Prep.... well let's just say there was none, I haven't even checked how much protein I'm eating this week, let alone any other macros - not like me.

25 January 2018

All or Nothing | Restrictive Eating & the Importance of a Treat!

Restrictive Eating & the Importance of a Treat! - homecooked recipe meal prep
How many diets have you sampled in the past? There are so many out there claiming to do wonders, but are they actually healthy for you?!? Low carbs, fasting, low fat, no sugar... all these types of diets have 1 thing in common, they're restricting you. And a healthy, balanced diet is not about restriction, but about moderation, of all food groups; our bodies need them all. Instead they act as a short term solution to loose weight, rather than teaching us good habits to take forward into the future.

11 January 2018

The Trick to Finally Getting Fit | Make it Work for You!!!

The Trick to Finally Getting Fit - Make it Work for You!!! Meal prep, meal plan, packed lunch, what i eat in a day
How many times have you given up on a fitness regime? Me? Definitely a few. Detoxes - done a couple of times, hated it, never again. Cardio only - did for several months, hated it, found it very hard to pluck up the enthusiasm for the workouts. Diets - got overly strict with them, hated it & reverted back to normal.

4 January 2018

Looking Forward | Creating New Goals & Coping With Stress in 2018

2018, new years resolutions, new goals, fitness, health, stress, anxiety
What a year 2017 was!!! Personally, I think it has been the year I have grown the most & progressed - new jobs, new passions & growing up ever more! However, it didn't come easy. You might have noticed a lack of me in the last couple of weeks & that's because the last fortnight of 2017 has been rather tough for me. I've had family in & out of hospital, needing more care & attention from the ones around them, my cat went missing & I've been pretty ill - which I think was down to stress. So something, my blog, had to give a little!