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9 November 2017

The Women That Inspire Me | My 8 Favourite Instagrammers

The women who inspire me - fitnes motivation
I speak a lot about how I find my focus from other's dedication! But with so many fitness accounts out there, it can be hard to find one that you truly connect with & one that is really honest about their diet & workouts. So today, I have decided to share with you the 8 women (& 1 man) that inspire me to always push on & stay strong. And I hope you can find one to inspire you too!

26 October 2017

What I Eat in a Day | Starting my Lean Bulk

What I Eat in a Day - Lean Bulk, Girly Gains, Carbs, Protein, Balanced diet, Meal plan, Meal prep
A quick but insightful post this week - I wanted to share with you exactly what my current day of eating looks like, as I begin my lean bulk. But not just to give meal ideas, mainly to show just how much good food you can eat in a day & still be healthy & still love the food you're eating! I'm currently building up to a calorie surplus, so all this food you see here, is only about 50 cals over my daily allowance! I want you all to feel comfortable around food & embrace eating carbs, snacking 4 times a day & not giving a toss what people think, because you know how to be healthy for your body & your goals!

12 October 2017

Winter Warmers | My Favourite Healthy Recipes for the Colder Months

Winter Warmers - Chipotle Chicken & Roasted Veg, high protein dinner, carbs, energy, bulking, spicy, eat clean, meal prep, meal plan
Ok, so it's not winter quite yet!!! But this sudden chill has me already craving hot chocolates & mince pies. So to help you up & forget all about those winter cravings, here are my 3 favourite recipes for this time of year - all healthy, natural & delicious!

5 October 2017

Winter Is Coming | New Fitness Goals, Diet & Workout & Growing the Booty

New Fitness Goals, Diet, workout plan, time to lean clean bulk - building muscle
So a bit of a chatty one today! I wanted to talk a little about my new fitness goals & why it's so important to keep refresh your goals! I've been weight training for over 2 years now & like anyone, I have my lows & highs when it comes to motivation. But what I find helps me focus the most is setting myself new goals & trying new things - constantly changing things up & keeping it exciting! And since the big summer motivator is now behind us, I needed to look for something new, to keep me committed.

28 September 2017

Sugar: The Hidden Obstacle | How to Conquer A Sweet Tooth

Sugar - the hidden obstacle - how to curb a sweet tooth sugar addiction
We've heard it all - fat is bad for you, carbs are bad for you, next thing will be protein is bad for you! Well the truth is anything can be bad for you, when eaten in excess. Instead, I think we should be worrying about a different source of energy, a more silent offender - sugar.

21 September 2017

Now the Summer is Over, Why Should I Continue to Workout? | Because!

Why you should workout in the winter - exercise, gym, fitness goals, bulking, muscle, weight lifting
Every year, the New Year & summer motivates us to get our butts in gear! We are energised with new goals & new plans of how to achieve them. But, after a few months, it can be hard to continue fighting for the same goals. This time of year can be especially hard. We've worked for months to feel great over the summer, but now winter is closing in, the temptation to take a elongated break, can be all too much. Well don't!

14 September 2017

7 Motivational Quotes I Live By | How They've Changed My Life & Fitness Journey

7 Motivation Quotes I Live By - How They've Changed My Life & Fitness Journey - eat clean healthy balanced diet, meal prep
This article doesn't really need an introduction - it is what it's titled. Since starting my fitness journey, I have picked up a few quotes that have really changed my life for the better. So I thought I would share them, in the hope they could do the same for you!