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20 July 2017

The Perfect Split | Never Miss a Workout

The Perfect Workout Split - Never Miss A Workout - Workout Plan - Motivation Get Fit - Gym Workout
You have your workouts perfectly planned for the week, but mid week comes, your tired & you decide to miss a day. It can be one of the most frustrating things about working out & one of the most detrimental, if you're the type to feel guilty about missing a workout. It can really effect your motivation for the rest of the week! Not only that, but if you keep missing a certain day - for example leg day or back day - then you're strength & results will be a lot weaker in those areas.

13 July 2017

Real Talk | How Fitness Has Strengthened My Mental Health

How Fitness Has Strengthened My Mental Health - Happy & confident
So this blog post is a little different to my usual ones. Instead of advice & motivation, it's more of a personal chat - one that I hope will help others going through something similar & will also explain why I love working out so much!

30 June 2017

The Secret of Abs | 8 Habits to Kick for Real Results

How to get abs for summer - 8 things to avoid, get lean & fit
Visible abdominals have always been craved, but recently their popularity has hit the roof. Maybe this popularity is down to how hard it actually is to get them showing! Loosing weight, eating well & going to them gym can do wonders for you body, but sometimes it can seem impossible to find those abs! That's because tummy is one of the hardest areas to lean out. In order to have visible abs, not only must you be committed to a healthy diet & frequent exercise, but you need to concentrate on lowering your body fat percent. If abs are your goal, here are a few things to avoid...

22 June 2017

Hit A Plateau? | How to Get Back On It & Stay On It

Laura Quintana Get Fit Motivation Inspiration Drive
One of the biggest reasons we hit a plateau is because we stick to the same routine. Either our bodies will get used to it & progress will slow down, or we'll get bored of the routine & stop giving it our all. Either way, change is good.

1 June 2017

Get Lean This Summer | 8 Tips That Actually Work!

Sophie Guidolin Fitness Star Inspiration Motivation Fitspo Strong Woman Abs Toned
The countdown has begun & I have only a couple of months before my holiday! We've all been there & all tried quick fix diets, drinks & summer body plans, but how many have actually worked? I've definitely been fooled once too often. But in fact there's no secret to it, hard work & commitment is what achieves the most results. And the best results are achieved with time - some of the Instagram fitness stars we see have spent years building their physiques - I particularly like Sophie Guidolin, who's very honest about how long her progress has taken. I admire that honesty.

25 May 2017

Master Your Macros | 7 Things That Have Changed Since Tracking My Macros

Master your Macros benefits of counting macros balanced diet eat clean meal plan prep chicken salad protein
I personally find tracking my macros to be a huge help towards eating a balanced diet & progressing with my fitness, even though I only track my macros once a week, when writing my meal plan & shopping list! Since it is such a large part in my fitness journey, I wanted to share with all of you my experience. So to follow last week's post, The Ultimate Stress Free Guide to Counting Your Macros, on how to, this week I wanted to share with you why I track my macros & the real benefits I have noticed since doing so.